Quintessential Cyprus through its cuisine

Visiting India – Cyprus food at Blooms – Eros Hotel, New Delhi

A cuisine that has had varied influences—from Mediterranean climate, history and geography, to Arabic and Middle Eastern cuisine—Cyprus cuisine a quintessence of Mediterranean taste

A suggestive offer:

The Eros Hotel in New Delhi, a Hiton connection and a a chance to discover Cyprus through it’s food #india:

A chance to explore other popular items from its Cyprus menu. On offer are Pork Afelia (Pork braised in red wine with crushed coriander seeds), Lamb Giouvetsi (Baked lamb and Cypriot pasta), Kathisto (Octopus and onion stew with white wine and olive), Kotopoulo Me Fasolati (chicken cooked with green beans and tomatoes), Potatoes Antinaktes (Browned potatoes cooked with white wine), Pourgouri (Broken wheat pilaf), Gemista (Vegetables filled withrice), Mpizelia (Green peas oven cooked) Manitari Me Piperies, (Mushrooms and bell peppers tossed in white wine), Tourlo–Tourlo (Mediterranean vegetables tossed with tomatoes), Potatoes Antinaktes (Browned potatoes cooked with white wine), Beef Stifado (Beef casserole with red wine, tomatoes and cracked pepper), Psyto Arne (oven roasted lamb rack with potato, bayleaf and oregano), Seabass Ladolemone (Seabass grilled with olive oil, lemon and parsley), Kotopoulo Yemisto (Chicken breast filled with halloumi, figs and pistachio);

Cyprus Chef to inspire Cyprus

All this menu under the personal guidance of Chef George Katastrofas, Executive Chef of the Hilton Park in Nicosia

In India for a limited time: More of the Cyprus Culinary offer: See on newindianexpress.com and look out for the promotion on FB at Blooms by the Eros Hotel – Qualify for a trip to Cyprus with Real Jordanian and a Stay at the Anassa by Thanos Hotels