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Another beautiful day for harvest #mavro #xynisteri #anamawine #commandaria @theanamaconcept

WineGraphing Cyprus wines in Moscow

Although some might see a repeat of last year’s event, nothing far from it.  The Daily WineGraph (a.k.a Denis Roundenko) will add a new twist to his Cyprus Wine tasting in Moscow later on this month when he brings head to head Cyprus wine variety Xynisteri against Shiraz. Winemaking from Cyprus could be more exciting for Russian palates.  

The event will be held at Винный Бар “Винтаж” on the 23rd of May, and you can follow the event through pages

Photo Credit: Denis Roudenko

About Denis Roudenko

Denis RoudenkoHe is the founder and editor of the Russian wine magazine ‘’750 ml’’ and the director of one of the biggest wine clubs in Moscow, ‘’The bunch’’. He serves regularly on tasting panels and a member of the rencent 7th Cyprus Wine Competition

Cyprus Wines makes it for great surprises. This Xynisteri dry white from Kyperounda still rings fresh from the last vintage.  Picture is a mix from a moment at the blue bar in Nicosia, with the Zygi Marina, in Larnaca.

The 7th edition of the Cyprus Wine Competition brings wine judging to Cyprus at it’s highest level. Denis Roundenko Internatonal wine judge participating in the 2011 and the 2012 editions shares his thoughts with us during the dinner for 2012 Award Ceremony

As the 7th Cyprus Wine competition judging was coming to end, Minas Mina, Winemaker at Kyperounda was preparing a vertical Xynisteri flight of such heights, unlike anything which a competition could ever evaluate.  Xynisteri Vintages, 2008, 2010 and 2011 - the key to understanding the future positioning of Petritis Wine range - a must for the future understanding quality in relation to this unique variety from the Kyperounda Wine region.

Wine Cyprus

High Altitude Xynisteri and Maratheftiko wines are common at Vouni Panayia but making it out to the winery gives you a unique angle of Cyprus Wine

See at

Unveiling some of the Xynisteri 2011, a wine tasting announcing another great vintage.

The trio of wines unveiled recently at Risto La Piazza, with Vasos Manolis, brought some reassurance of the great work that winemakers have done over the winter in overcoming the shortcomings of the Xynisteri harvest conditions this past year. An over all very satisfying feeling how these wines are being embraced locally too.

Wine tasted: Zambartas, Ezousa, Kyperounda vintage 2011

Specials thanks to Vasos Manolis for leading this special Xynisteri Wine hour in Paphos

An inspiring morning sunrise at Zygi.

Vasilikon White Xynisteri over Zygi Marina

Larnaca sets the scene for Wine explorations overlooking the sea and fisherman’s marina.

The natural light couldn’t be most adequate for discovering the 2011 Vasilikon vintage, the peach and apricot aromas that can sooth any morning.  

Although a little bit early for wine tastings, a wait worth it’s while until lunch.

 Wine Cyprus

Fresh, crispy, aromatic and well structured..wines by Zambartas from Agios Amvrosios -

Appreciations by Kailash @desiwinemaker