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A new generation of Wines from Zambartas will still have to face strong competition. Front stage and in the glass, an appetizing 2010 Maratheftiko Varietal Wine and in the background Epikourios - balanced delights.

Taste these and other Zambartas Wines during special winehour organised in Nicosia at the Au Bon Plaisir where foodmatching with french specialties will bring added complexities to the table.

More information and reservations: Au bon Plaisir, Nicosia

Unveiling some of the Xynisteri 2011, a wine tasting announcing another great vintage.

The trio of wines unveiled recently at Risto La Piazza, with Vasos Manolis, brought some reassurance of the great work that winemakers have done over the winter in overcoming the shortcomings of the Xynisteri harvest conditions this past year. An over all very satisfying feeling how these wines are being embraced locally too.

Wine tasted: Zambartas, Ezousa, Kyperounda vintage 2011

Specials thanks to Vasos Manolis for leading this special Xynisteri Wine hour in Paphos

Wine Cyprus

At this time of the year, one never knows how busy schedule of a winemaker can produce. Just finding a moment is a privilege, and if this wine hour spent leads to stimulating conversations over great wine, then it’s fulfilling and priceless.  

Tasting recently bottled Zambartas wines, full and vibrant, one will recognize the consistancy and the mark of the wines but also feel the winemaker’s desire to surpass himself from previous vintages.

A late afternoon tasting with Akis Zambartas in Ayios Amvrosios with 2010 and 2011 vintage, Cyprus

Wine Cyprus|

Every year Zambartas Wineries invites a winemaker to join the vintage team and make quality wine, an excellent opportunity to keep tabs on evolving techniques but also a great opportunity for hands on experience at winemaking in Cyprus.

In 2011 Kailash Gurnani from India came to Cyprus who will share with us personal account of last year’s vintage at the Zambartas Winery. 

You can read a further account about the experience, Harvesting Wine Experiences in Cyprus

Wine Cyprus

Simply put, this rose is the best on the island, not only this year, but for the past 3-4 years. Vintage 2011 of this wine, which is the flagship of Zambartas Wineries, has surpassed all previous vintages in quality. 

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 Wine Cyprus

Fresh, crispy, aromatic and well structured..wines by Zambartas from Agios Amvrosios -

Appreciations by Kailash @desiwinemaker