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Absolute taste of Cyprus #cypruswine. Cyprus Wines and the constancy in the pursuit of further excellence.  Congratulations to the new wineries participating and to Sodap and 2002 vintage of St. Barnabas Commandaria for the Decanter Awards– still carrying the flag for the absolute taste of Cyprus in Wine.

Triumph…St.Nicholas Commandaria Wine by Etko Re-named just in time for Winter Fancy Foods Show #WFFS13 - captured today by Gastronomique EnVogue (GEV) only in San Francisco. 


RT @GEVMagazine: @Villa_Cyprus imports Commandaria’s dessert wine just in time for Winter Fancy Foods Show #WFFS13 

St.Nicholas Commandaria by Etko

As an apparent effort to rename and repackage St. Nicholas Commandaria for export.  It is interesting to see how a new packaging has meant also that it implied being renamed.

The new Commandaria Triumph as indicated by the photo above has not only opted for a more performing ‘monture’ - a more energetic horse that has better visibility on a new slimmer bottle. Bold or Over the top?

Compare and judge for yourself - What to you think?

We’re warming to the Halloween Spirit and we’ve added this Kyperounda Commandaria to our special Halloween Wine List - How about you?

All in a days work - getting to the Cellar. Next stop, your glass.

Saturdays can be smoother with #commandaria.

Wine Cyprus

Vins de Chypre 1845By insistance of writing about the wine of Cyprus from 1845, being the wine of my life, it had to one day get to the ears of the Embassy of Cyprus. A counselor of the Embassy contacted me and would be happy that Cyprus can buy an empty bottle of Cyprus in 1845, for it to be exposed in a museum in Limassol.

A force d’écrire que le vin de Chypre de 1845 est le plus grand vin de ma vie, ça devait remonter un jour jusqu’aux oreilles de l’Ambassade de Chypre. Un conseiller de l’Ambassade me contacte et serait heureux que Chypre puisse acquérir une bouteille vide de Chypre 1845, pour qu’elle figure dans un musée.

CHYPRE 1845 À L'AMBASSADE DE CHYPREFrançois Audouze Recently met with Ambassador Marios Lyssiotis and set to celebrate this historic re-encounter.

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Grand Gold distinction in the 2012 Cyprus Wine Awards went to Commandaria Wine from Keo.  St.John Commandaria received the highest honors in good company.

Maratheftiko Cyprus wine awards 2012Commandaria Wine, cyprus wine awards 2012Kyperounda Winery, Cyprus Wine Awards

The 7th Cyprus Wine Competition strict bling wine judging produced some inspiring results for Maratheftiko, the Cyprus indigenous grape variety for red and rosé wines, which was rivaled this year, by the excellent work from Cyprus’s most successful winemaking at Kyperounda Winery, which both collected 5 gold medals respectively.  What follows is a brief summary of the highlights and the list of winning wines according our own grouping so as to better identify the wines by their regional origin and grape variety.

The 2012 Cyprus Wine Awards: The distinguishing highlights

Grand Gold:  Commandaria Wine - St.John 2005 from Keo Winery

Grape variety with most Medals (5): Maratheftiko Grape Variety with Wines made by following Wineries:

  • Metharmi 2008, Ezousa Winery - Pafos Regional Wine
  • Argyrides Maratheftiko 2010, Vasa Winery - Limassol regional wine
  • Gerani Maratheftiko 2010, Apostaktirio Nicholas - Pafos regional wine
  • Zambartas Marathetiko, 2010, Zambartas Winery - Limassol regional wine
  • Makkas Maratheftiko, 2010, Makkas Winery - Pafos regional wine

Winery with  most Gold Medals (5): Kyperounda Winery

  • Petritis Xynisteri, 2010, Limassol regional wine
  • Kyperounda Chardonnay, 2011, Pafos regional wine
  • Kyperounda Cabernet Sauvignon, 2009,  Limassol regional wine
  • Kyperounda Shiraz, 2010,  Limassol regional wine
  • Kyperounda Shiraz, 2009,  Limassol regional wine

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Grand Gold Winner 7th Cyprus Wine Awards Grand Gold Award Winning Wine St. John Commandaria from Keo Winery tops the Awards Medals from the 7th Cyprus Wine Competition.

New year, a new vintage - not so quick with Commandaria Wine.

Unlike any other wine in Cyprus, time can sit still when the time comes to tasting or enjoying Commandaria.

A recent tasting with Vasos, sommelier at Risto La Piazza presented us with 3 vintages, 20 - 9 - and 4 years of ageing in oak barrels respectively. What to say? And should we spoil the moment by revealing what it is exactly that this sweet fortified wines have as a magical.  

Let’s just say, recuperating an expression shared with us recently, Commandaria such a wine that has stories to tell - indeed, I felt is was more like storytelling in the form of sweet wine whispers.


The Commandaria Fine Wine Hour was celebrated this week in Thessaloniki’s International Wine Competition and St. Barnabas Commandaria vintage 2002 produced by Sodap, almost stole the show only to rivaled only by Ktima Tselepos Kokkinomilos - both of these wines winning Grand Gold awards in this 12th edition.

Commandaria St. Barnabas 2002 a blend from a 15-25 years old vines of Xynisteri produced in the Agios Konstantinos, part of the AOC of Commandaria region in Cyprus with four years in oak barrels.

Congratulations the winemaking team at the Kamanterena Winery

More about: the International Wine Competition of Thessaloniki 2012

More about Commandaria Wine - L’incontournable wine in Cyprus


Anesperi Commandaria Freshly BottlesInnovating traditional drinks is not an easy task, let alone breaking with traditions but The Cooperative Winery of Kalo Chorio, founded as a modern way for producers to locally secure their production, and on the other hand, exert more control over distribution of the raw material for traditional Commandaria winemaking.

Anesperi Commandaria is a recent bottled edition on the market for Commandaria bottled without ageing,  resulting in a more naturally sweet Commandaria, offering an alternative to early tasting the character of the traditional Commandaria wine.