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New year, a new vintage - not so quick with Commandaria Wine.

Unlike any other wine in Cyprus, time can sit still when the time comes to tasting or enjoying Commandaria.

A recent tasting with Vasos, sommelier at Risto La Piazza presented us with 3 vintages, 20 - 9 - and 4 years of ageing in oak barrels respectively. What to say? And should we spoil the moment by revealing what it is exactly that this sweet fortified wines have as a magical.  

Let’s just say, recuperating an expression shared with us recently, Commandaria such a wine that has stories to tell - indeed, I felt is was more like storytelling in the form of sweet wine whispers.

Unveiling some of the Xynisteri 2011, a wine tasting announcing another great vintage.

The trio of wines unveiled recently at Risto La Piazza, with Vasos Manolis, brought some reassurance of the great work that winemakers have done over the winter in overcoming the shortcomings of the Xynisteri harvest conditions this past year. An over all very satisfying feeling how these wines are being embraced locally too.

Wine tasted: Zambartas, Ezousa, Kyperounda vintage 2011

Specials thanks to Vasos Manolis for leading this special Xynisteri Wine hour in Paphos