First vintages enchantement

Anama Wine

First vintages are exciting – Anama launched its 2007 vintage with 723 bottles.

Leftheris Mohianakis blending craft with unique design flair and taste

The Anama project sets a path for itself to be more than a winemaker-designer duo passion project.

Anama Concept & Wines

Unique Appeal for Cyprus Wine Tradition born as a fresh collaboration between oenologist Lefteris Mohianakis & jewellery designer Kristina Apostolou.  The creation of a contemporary expression of a traditional wine surpassing contemporary craft standards from both an oenological and design view point.

Inspired by a historical artisan tradition even pre-dating Commandaria,  Anama vintages will seek to surface the sweet winemaking heritage of Cyprus in a creative partnership that will blend winemaking of a modern era with design concept ideation by Kristina Apostolou.  The creation of a novel concept of lifestyle wine in Cyprus will have aim in rejuvenating the spirit of ancient ‘Kyprion Nama’, whose strong ties to the mountain viticulture of bush vines from the Commandaria appellation and its farming communities.

Single Barrel Vintages

Vintage 2009
Oak Barrel Aging Period: 15 years
Further Aging Potential in bottle: 40 years+
Alcohol: 13,5% vol
Latest Release:
March 2024, 287 numbered 50cl bottles

A link to Cyprus Original Vitiviniculture

Essentially a naturally sweet wine made from sundried grapes, the limited scale production is made using modern oenological methods and followed by a 2-year aging period in new oak barrels. Finally, the wine’s ‘outfit’ is custom-designed & made on an annual basis. Each & every bottle is labeled using precious materials and bares a unique hand-punched number, thus completing the product’s collectable profile.

The best thing we can do is to give the vine the opportunity to choose for itself what kind of product it wants to create. Those vines have been there for 150 years …

Anama 2009 single barrel vintage

Anama Wines