The Wine of My life – 1845 wine from Cyprus – Les carnets de François Audouze

Les carnets de François Audouze

By insistence of writing about the wine of Cyprus from 1845, being the wine of my life, it had to one day get to the ears of the Embassy of Cyprus. A counselor of the Embassy contacted me and would be happy that Cyprus can buy an empty bottle of Cyprus in 1845, for it to be exposed in a museum in Limassol.
A force d’écrire que le vin de Chypre de 1845 est le plus grand vin de ma vie, ça devait remonter un jour jusqu’aux oreilles de l’Ambassade de Chypre. Un conseiller de l’Ambassade me contacte et serait heureux que Chypre puisse acquérir une bouteille vide de Chypre 1845, pour qu’elle figure dans un musée.

François Audouze Recently met with Ambassador Marios Lyssiotis and set to celebrate this historic re-encounter.

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