A Xynisteri state of freshness

Breathe in Breathe out, allowing for summer true, to roll in.

The reward to a balancing act that demands more than cool wine and freshness. And although when precious moments calls for self-care, a sea breeze will do, feeding the soul and the senses calls for a little more than just splashing some Xynisteri on the taste buds. Bon Appetit!

A moment – Beachside Ambelis

beach xynisteri wine rack

It takes a state of mind, the need for a state of freshness and taking the time for a stroll allowing for the natural elements, an ocean breeze, soft sand under the feet and warm sunny rays for a full body renewal.

A Place

Summer in Cyprus is beachside without a doubt…and beaches aren’t scarce.  What is scarce is the love for caring about wine in all its details for optimal care for the senses leading to enjoyment.

A Dish

Food matching Xynisteri shells

A glass or two for openers….preparing the palate for food: Cockle shells, salinity to match with glowing Xynisteri.

A wine – Aes Ambelis Xynisteri

Cool share for Xynisteri at the beach

Aes Ambelis Xynisteri is an entertaining, lively Xynisteri from the vineyards in the region of Limassol, select typicity from Cypriot grapes at peak of harvest in Cyprus – the joy and zest that mid-september brings with an aromatic and fruity character of slight undertones of citrus and green apples.