No dry January on the horizon

Wine is food.

You won’t be seeing us Wineless in January, but we’re all for instilling a sense of moderation in consumption and making it a habit in having a more meaningful relationship with wine.

Although we recognize the value of #DryJanuary, as an awareness campaign, as a New Year commitment to reestablish a balanced relationship with alcohol, and even as health benefit in cleansing of the organism. If abstinence is your means to avoid alcohol-related harm, then go with it and not just in January.

And while making an intent to reduce booze intake, you may as well review completely your dietary and exercise habits, moving more and being less sedentary, the combined effects may be more beneficial than abstinence itself.

Our relationship with wine is evolving

Wine is synonymous to terroir and origin, and while it may not claim exclusivity, the comeback of Cypriot indigenous grapes and reviving of age-old vineyards by winemakers; Wine can claim its bragging-rights for maintaining current this heritage. We won’t be abstaining from heritage in January.

Good food and good wine is a ceremony. While wine may not claim exclusivity to being a social lubricant, it can hardly be denied that in the presence of good food good company, wine holds a special place. In January we won’t be banning wine from our dinning tables.

“Wine is not a commodity, where a customer can simply swap in a wine, even one made from the same grape, from one part of the world for another and expect them to be comparable”.  In the wake of the Tariff retaliation campaign by instances of the Us Trade,  the above statement published by California winery  is a testament of how the wine world can be see as one, an interconnected whole with intricate layers, and less resilient than we can presume. Economically, if there is a way to vouch for sustenance and solidarity, then count us in.

In January, for the above reasons, we still want to see wine on the horizon.  We will continue to hope for a more sustainable wine culture in 2020 and, we will want to continue to raise our glasses towards a Happier New Year in wine.