Commandaria bewitching the palate, comforting the heart

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About last night, the last image on the retina.

Immersive experiences with Commandaria wine

It is hardly a secret:  Indulgence at Thanos Hotels begins with the senses, and in the ideal setting of Annabelle in Pafos, indulgence is a task for Commandaria.

One can immerse in the rich flavors and aromas of this traditional Cypriot wine, known for its balanced sweetness. It is indulging in the taste of past heritage, its millenerary winemaking fame, relish of the royal tables and conquest of kings and popes.

And yet no moment can be more important than to leisurely lay back seduced by the signature charm of the mediterranean in a glass.

Commandaria is experiencing a transformation and a revival because of the different expressions that have become available over the years. The interest by the new generations of winemakers have added depth and opened more opportunities for growing sweet wine styles for Cyprus wines. Truly, it’s a destination that any wine lover would appreciate.

Promising Evoinoencounters

Exploring Cyprus Wine with wine personalities visiting the island.
Moments of wine are extremly contextual, this facilitates the capture of all nuances that are related to tasting and food matching, but not only.

The Commandaria Suggestions