A touch of Paradise at Vouni Panayia

flowered heights of vouni panayia paradise old vines

The coming to fruition of a 30-year vision for Cyprus Wine in the remote altitude vineyards of Vouni Panayia

Paradise on earth

It may be remote, high and isolated but it’s the purest thing in Andreas Kyriakides’s heart.  Fulfilling a vision inspired by nature and 30 years in the making, it’s also the culmination of age old family aspiration.

The flourishing Vouni Panayia Winery situated on the edge of the Pafos forest, is not only an achievement in Cypriot winemaking, refining an essence from indigenous grapes at its high altitude vineyards, but also surpassing entrepreneurial milestones ensuring generational succession, never an easy task to balance.

The early affirmation and enduring self-belief in the value of endemic grapes remain a constant theme. It’s to be found in their traditional labels, today redesigned but as well as the new varietal wines based on rescued Cypriot grapes varieties.

Paradise on earth may still be high and isolated to reach, but it’s the purest thing in Andreas Kyriakides heart – a vision of 30 years in the making, nourished by family and vines.

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