How seriously do you summer?

Spourtiko Summer true wine cyprus

The burst of coolness and calm, from low-alcohol Vouni Panayia Spourtiko

How seriously do you summer or how early do you Spourtiko?

Battling with temperatures anomalies, nothing like easing into summer with the lightness of being.

Spourtiko rare grape, a delicate fruit due to its thinner skin prone to outbursts which is accessorily used to cross-pollinate Maratheftiko vineyards, now takes some limelight from complement varietal wines in Cyprus. A well adapted grape for wines that caters to changing tastes and the ever consciousness of moderate alcohol consumption.

Vouni Panayia Spourtiko, made from altitude vineyards, hits the right balance for a lighter and fragant wine, just what you may need to ease into lunch or early dinner with all your senses awakened.

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