Ayia Mavri Mosxatos, a Muscat du Monde from Cyprus

Diversity of Sensorial Expression at Muscats du Monde 2012 Competition

Mosxatos 2009 vintage from Ayia Mavri takes silver in the anual competition of the Muscats du Monde, the competition that undeniably makes honor to the naturally sweet wines of Muscats.

Just as it is undeniable that Ayia Mavri still carries the flag of quality sweet wines for Cyprus Wines – well done to the Dr. and Mrs. Ioannides couple.

The 2012 results have just come in and we would like to congratulate them.

About the Muscats du Monde Competition:

Each of the wines that distinguished themselves at Muscat du Monde® did so because of their own distinctive quality, and not in comparison with other wines. This event is an unique opportunity to bring together and discover a wide variety of Muscats wines in all their forms: dry, sweet, still, sparkling, with pink to dark red shades. According to expert judges, this extraordinarily rich group of wines demonstrated a level of sensory complexity rarely encountered with other wines. Several marks of quality Gold and Silver medals were awarded to botrytised, late harvest and special selections. A wide variety of dry, off-dry, sweet, still, sparkling, young, age-worthy wines received favourable notice.