Commandaria Triumph makes a Fancy

Triumph…St.Nicholas Commandaria Wine by Etko Re-named just in time for Winter Fancy Foods Show #WFFS13 – captured today by Gastronomique EnVogue (GEV) only in San Francisco. 

Triumph Commandaria

RT @GEVMagazine: @Villa_Cyprus imports Commandaria’s dessert wine just in time for Winter Fancy Foods Show #WFFS13

St.Nicholas Commandaria by Etko

As an apparent effort to rename and repackage St. Nicholas Commandaria for export.  It is interesting to see how a new packaging has meant also that it implied being renamed.

The new Commandaria Triumph as indicated by the photo above has not only opted for a more performing ‘monture’ – a more energetic horse that has better visibility on a new slimmer bottle. Bold or Over the top?

Compare and judge for yourself – What to you think?