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And the results are in…..Thessaloniki International Wine competition, a preferred competition where some of the Cyprus Wines get judged has anticipated it’s results before annual gala event.

Safe to say that this year’s edition holds a surprise and very well earned recognition to Vlassides Winery, standing out among other outstanding participants such as Sodap, Ayia Mavri, Kolios, Vardalis, K&K Vasilikon, and Zambartas.

Rethinking Wine Collaborations - an invitation to opening new doors


Promara 100%  vintage 2012 , dear to the philosopy of  Vouni Panayia’s seeking out hidden gems in riches of Cyprus Viticulture.  It’s the tropical touch the range of wines vinified at high altitude…


Cyprus is home to commandaria — the oldest named wine in the world

Lefteris Mohianakis, Winemaker - Anama Wine:

I think that historians can tell stories and can give you an idea about the past, but senses cannot be transmitted through history. So we cannot understand how an ancient nama smelled or tasted.

The best thing we can do is to give the vine the opportunity to choose for itself what kind of product it wants to create. Those vines have been there for 150 years … I am just trying to give the vines the opportunity to express themselves through my wine.

More on Article: CNNI - Commandaria the Oldest Wine?

More on Commandaria

Let it snow, let it snow @vounipanayia #cyprus #vines

Wine on Campus #Maratheftiko on stage in Frankfurt -
Maratheftiko - the grape that embodies the character and soul of winemaking in Cyprus - hard, honest and Satisfying.

The upcoming Wine Convention organised by Wein-plus and Vinum. *Astrid Zieglmeier* will be presenting the grape to the attendees of sessions about sensorial and the specifics of wine regions.

An honor for Maratheftiko.

*Program*:  “Zypern – Maratheftiko Auf der Insel der Aphrodite herrscht die femininste aller Rebsorten. Meist geachtet, geschätzt und gehasst, kokettiert Sie mit großen Herausforderungen an die Winzer und verdreht ihnen den Kopf. Astrid Zieglmeier Leiterin und Dozentin im Bereich Gastronomie & Genuss, IHK Akademie München und Oberbayern”

For Winelovers and more. Goethe Frankfurt University Campus West End

Maratheftiko Character from Panayia Region

Authenticity & lunch #maratheftiko #cypruswine

..And Cyprus Wines will support to the fullest.

Akis Zambartas fait une mise au point avec Benoit Gaboriaud sur les points forts de Chypre.

"Le vignoble chypriote est le seul en Europe qui n’a pas de phylloxéra. Il y en a trois dans le monde, ils commencent tous par ch : Chine, Chili et Chypre. On a une viticulture ininterrompu depuis 6 500 ans. On a aussi des cépages autochtones. Donc pas de phylloxéra, cépage autochtone planté sur leurs propres racines, c’est ce qui donne l’intérêt à Chypre." 

Escapade [S4E06] A côté des plages… by mensuptv

Suivre l’info: Chez Mensup

Les vins de Chypre | Cyprus Wines

Yes the wines have sailed #winesmashingplates.

Success to an onward journey to the participants in captivating an eager audience for enhanced Mediterranean Tastes sourced from Cyprus.

A bold book launch by Maria Elia #SmashingPlates could not deserve anything less - Anama, Ezousa and Vouni Panayia wineries are being united to toast for Maria Elia’s Book Launch in London next October.