Glorious light

Glorious light #nelion #roséallday. Making it a real #wineday.

Imifos is what happens to family wines when 2nd generation family winemaker takes the lead.

Twilight at dusk at Nelion – Ημιφώς

When one is so lucky for a spontaneous winery visit to live the moment, that of a discovery of wine labels at the Nelion Winery  in the Pafos mountain-side of Troodos.

Without going into the concept of redesign, beyond graphic line and aesthetics, we’re attracted by the deeper sense of an accomplishment, and sense of intentionality coming from Nelion’s winemaker, Marios Ioannou.

I preffer to drive wines where I want them to go, instead of trying to fix them afterwards.

Call it philosophy or inspiration

While one may see in the twilight at dusk, as the penumbra that brings the advent of darkness; in these days of harvest and winemaking, it can just be the moment of least physical resistance and bodily rest. Far from a collapse though, it’s also a moment which allows for a flow of energy which keeps mind processing all sensory inputs from frantic vineyard and winery activity; thus the Ημιφώς moment.

A time for wines truly inspired by senses, such was the moment spurred by the Imifos rosé.