Metharme, Ezousa  Maratheftiko reaches new heights

Metharme, Ezousa Maratheftiko reaches new heights

Ezousa  Maratheftiko, among the top ten wines made in Cyprus The 2015 Wine Competition held last month in Limassol, generously presented Ezousa with valuable and esteemed rewards. Among the most appreciated results, is the overall recognition towards our varietal wines made with Maratheftiko and Xynisteri. These rewards are especially valuable to us for the sustained effort by Ezousa to keep improving our wines with indigenous varieties. We…

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Nosing Cyprus Wines – Cyprus Wine Competition 2012

Knowing Wine Cyprus Tom Cannavan tastes and judges the Cyprus Wine Competition 2012… Catchup with Tom’s wine travels and tastes as he returns to Cyprus for this year’s competition and his elegant call to OIV to review the 30% criteria which limits wines visibility for small country competitions.   Thanks to Tom for his participation and publication.  See on

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