New generation of Wines from Zambartas

zambartas wine aspirations

As new generation of Wines from Zambartas have grown strong and overcome the rivalry in taste among labels. Not before long one could have front stage and in the glass, an appetizing 2010 Maratheftiko Varietal Wine and in the background Epikourios making a name for itself.

The pleasure of wine tasting with winemakers are always revealing. Akis in his time, would confidently rely on a successor in his son Markos to spearhead new winemaking at the Ayios Amvrosios estate.

Epicurean Taste would seek out French cuisine for food matching opportunities with these and other Zambartas Wines during special winehour such as those organised in Nicosia at the Au Bon Plaisir.

More information and reservations: Brasserie Au bon Plaisir, Nicosia