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Collecting Flavours, more than a passtime, it’s in your nature

A quick word of guidance: don’t let wine knowledge be an impediment to the enjoyment of discovery.

The rush for wine education appears to be on. Wset does it, Wine educators do it, Sommeliers crave it, Big Brands do it, Appellations organise it, Universities teach it…. Restaurants sell it, Wine bars stage it ….(gulp) Breathe on!

There is a knowledge about wine that can be acquired that doesn’t feel like learning.

“It’s a learning of another kind, the kind that is entirely sensorial, abstract, resistant to codification, where blobs of flavour and shape and texture get filed deep in our archives, intact and un-dissected”

There exists a newsletter/blog that periodically reflects upon winemaking and the wine world from different perspectives.
Cleverly it makes the case and pressing urgency for persons, with a glass in hand a few centilitres in belly, inviting us to go on to collecting flavours.

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In the Rosé wine kind of mode

The local Maratheftiko grape makes for that Rosé wine moment by the beach sublime.