Xynisteri Season is On

Symbol of a momentous fulfilment, #XynisteriDay is a resounding cheers to the past and future generations vested in the indigenous viticultural heritage, and projecting it forward with singular expressions and delight.

In the 2nd edition of the Xynistery Day, wineries have been called to exhibit their singular expressions of Xynisteri in the outdoor patio at Dionysus Mansion. The Xynisteri meet-up organized by sommelier and Cyprus Wine makers Association, opens the Xynisteri Tasting Season  #XynisteriDay, an evening unlike any others.

Participating Wineries Xynisteri Day 2024: All Xynisteri making labels

Cyprus Xynisteri Grape Day

Time & Location

Information: +357 25222210 / +357 99471567

Date: Wednesday 15th of May. 18:00 pm- 20:00 pm. Dionysus Mansion. 16th June street Nr. 5, Limassol.