A Wild new year in Cyprus Wines

wild altitude vineyards cyprus

The wild of altitude vineyards in Cyprus

Wine Appeal with Authenticity

Spring is a magical time for vineyards in Cyprus. The blooming of flowers invites old vines to emerge from their dormant vegetative stage, and the vineyards come alive with renewed energy.

The dormant vineyards awaken to new beginings, vines that have been shaped by winter pruning awaiting the greening of buds and the early growth of shoots to set forward new vegetation cycle of fruit.

This is a crucial time for winegrowers, as they must carefully tend to their vines to ensure the best possible fruit.

cyprus vineyards

Vineyard success with taste

Cyprus vineyards

The warm Mediterranean climate, combined with the unique terroir of the island, creates a rich and complex flavor profile in Cyprus wines. The spring awakening of the vineyards is an essential part of this process, as it sets the stage for a successful vintage.

Vineyard success is really dependent on many details that happen in this season.