A vital return to Paris for Cyprus Wines

Oiv Cyprus Wine

Our life is an apprenticeship to the truth, that around every circle another can be drawn; that there is no end in nature, but every end is a beginning; that there is always another dawn risen on mid-noon, and under every deep a lower deep opens.

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Circles”

In nature, as in wine seasons, the return to the source has always something of positive emotions and vital satisfaction.

Take the story behind the return of bottles of Commandaria 1845 from Paris, beyond the possibility of tracing back heritage, one does observe the result of fruitful of encounters; satisfaction produced at a personal level and which institutions sometimes make their own.

Couldn’t we just forget Paris? And return to the realities of our normal productive lives? We can’t, because of these virtuous circles without end.

And the consequence of that which we have at hand – Une Degustation de Vins de Chypre á Paris – Fruit of a confluence of events during the annual show case of the Annual Cyprus Wine Awards. An influential visit to the minister’s office, an opportunistic agenda, rushed preparations, expedited deliveries, enhanced brochureware and hitting the road by Independence Day.

The latest traces of Cyprus Wine that could be tracked down were Ezousa’s select collection of Xynisteri white and Metharme, Maratheftiko, Rediscovered by Mavrommatis family restaurants. In a few days time however, 11 wineries will be presenting their wines under the auspices of the Embassy of Cyprus in Paris in the most famous house of Wine: The OIV.

We’re all bliss, it’s the path and opportunity of creating a virtuous cycle of mutual benefit – not that we’ll be able to live happily ever after, but there will always be Paris to come back to.

The event: 4th of October, 2012. 15-20h. OIV, 18 Rue Aguesseau, Paris.

Degustation de Vins de Chypre, 11 wineries to support the Cyprus Embassy in Paris at the OIV presentation. Zambartas Wines, Vouni Panayia Winery, Makkas Winery, Fikardos Winery, Kyperounda, Keo Winery, Lambouri Wines, Etko Wines, Loel Wines & Spirits, Sodap Wines, Ayia Mavri.

Conference: Les vins de Chypre à 18h, in presence of his excellency ambassador  Marios Lyssiotis.


  • Short film de 9 minutes: “Le vin de Chypre”
  • Panikos Chambas President de “Cyprus Wine Products Council”
  • Antonis Hadjipavlou President of “Cyprus Wineries Association”
  • Andreas Emmanouil “Association des sommeliers de Chypre”

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