Versatile Xynisteri

Xynisteri, versatile grape for modern tastes

The white grape variety cultivated for centuries in Cyprus Xynisteri is now cherished and cared for emerging winemakers adapted to modern tastes.

In Zypern eine neue, initiative und im Ausland ausgebildete Winzergeneration die Krise als Chance und begann, kompromisslos auf Qualität zu setzen. Dazu
gehört die Rückbesinnung auf hochstehende, einheimische Sorten, die sich bestens an das Terroir mit den kargen, teils vulkanischen, teils kalkdominierten Böden und die heissen, trockenen Sommermonate angepasst haben.



Swiss writer Rudolf Trefzer from the Swiss Handelszeitung, captures the essence of a renewal led by a generation of winemakers relying on uncompromising quality, hailing the return to high-value, domestic varieties best adapted to different local terroir.

With its finesse, citrus and herbal notes, but sometimes of exotic Embossed fruit and floral notes Aromas and its fresh, lively and harmoniously balanced acidity and its moderate alcohol include Xynisteri wines the Cypriot top vintners to the most promising discoveries of recent years, whose great advantage of being available in Switzerland, made available by

Added to the renewed effort with the 8th Cyprus Wine Competition remains a valuable opportunity for yet another occasion for exposure of Cyprus Wine.

Summary of Results 2015 Cyprus Wine Competition

  • Gold Medal – Metharme 2009, Ezousa Winery – Pafos Regional wine
  • Gold Medal – Ezousa Xinisteri 2014, Ezousa Winery, Pafos regional wine
  • Silver – Eros Maratheftiko 2014 Rosé, Ezousa Winery, Pafos Regional wine

Pictured: Ezousa Xinisteri, Gold Medal Winner, 2015 Cyprus Wine Competition

This article was originally published on the Ezousa Website