Terroir can be everything

Terroir can be everything, but if it’s not discovered?

‘Twas like 2017….Watch them Go Folks! Arriving today.
“Cyprus with stars in our eyes… A (wine) destination of great interest. And a country full of authentic people and wine treasures.”
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Nothing like fun projects around wine discovery.

WineExplorers choosing Cyprus as their 50th wine destination may have been, choice of a lucky draw or reflections on the scale of top wine producing countries.

Wine explorers is a wine project to carry out the first world census of all wine-growing countries. Led by Jean-Baptiste Ancelot visited over 500 estates across 90 countries for 4 years and tasted and listed nearly 5,500 wines. The visit to Cyprus marked 50th Country, “Island under the sign of the sun”, in fact, just as idyllic on the wine side.

Traveling the world off the beaten track, this unprecedented exploration broadens our horizons in a published book, WineExplorers, rich in unusual anecdotes and information never communicated before, is faithful to the seriousness, originality and passion that guide its author. It invites us to travel to unknown lands and to discover the rare flavors of which they are the setting. A surprising and unforgettable experience!

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