Commandaria bottled freshly

Commandaria Anesperi unfortified cyprus wine

Innovating traditional drinks is not an easy task, let alone breaking with traditions

Commandaria Appellation requirements and tradition no longer make it imperative that Commanda be fortified. This new development has opened possibilities for news styles of Commandaria to emerge.  And the Cooperative Winery at Kalo Chorio, have initiated a new line of bottling for producers to locally introduce their production without the process of fortifying.  It is an opportunity for younger and unaged sweet wine expression to be commercialized alongside with the  unfortified but aged wine from the appellation, adding thus new avenues to the making of traditional Commandaria.

Anesperi Commandaria, first bottled in 2011, it remains novelty on the market for Commandaria, made without fortifying, it results in a more naturally sweet Commandaria, which offers an alternative & fresh character compared to the traditional Commandaria wine.

Anama 2009

Anama – a naturally sweet wine made as contemporary concept

Commandaria recognition

Commandaria recognition – welcomed news for the Sodap Winery and its St. Barnabas wine

My high altitude grape playground

High altitude grape harvest Mavro and Xynisteri grapes for Commandaria