Food Matching Cyprus | Discovering Cyprus through undiscovered Silicon Valley

Wine Cyprus

A fusion of Eastern Mediterranean cuisines such as Greece, Turkey, Lebanon & Syria with additional influences from Southern Italy, France, Spain and Egypt; an inspired Chef Omar Kannout finds in the cuisine of Cyprus is a quintessence of it – “an amalgam of flavors” which have been interlaced for centuries.

Pretty much everything in the restaurant is personally made by the Surprising chef-owner, Omar Kannout, who is originally from Syria. A culinary genius to have everything in the restaurant as organic as possible and most of it is locally sourced. They have a wine list that features more than 80 organic, biodynamic and sustainable wines, and all of them available by the glass.

Anyway, if you live in or visit Silicon Valley, you’ve got to check out Cyprus. And you have above a picture of the “Cyprus Mezze Sampler”, Kali Orexi.

Thanks to Mike Elgan for the Shot.

The Bistro & Café Cyprus